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Hemp Fiber Bedding

22.0 lb
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Bedding material for animals.

Local delivery (within 20mi radius); outside local area call (610)-742-8702 for shipping costs.




Top TEN Reasons to Switch to Hemp Bedding


  1. It lasts longer than most bedding. Hemp Bedding absorbs 4 times its weight! That means you save money in the long run because you do not need to switch out the bedding as often. You save time in both changing out the material and ordering your next shipment. Not to mention it is 2 times more absorbent then, straw, pine or wood materials.

  2. Hemp bedding creates less dust than other bedding materials! It actually produces minimal dust, an advantage for those working with the animals and for the health of the animal. People report having to sweep less in their barns and older horses are not having respiratory issues any longer after converting to hemp!

  3. Hemp bedding is softer so you can assure your animals get a full sleep cycle. This is important for the health and longevity and well-being of the animal.

  4. It’s biodegradable and chemical free! This is important for anyone working around the bedding that might be sensitive to toxic chemicals and supports the health of the animals and the planet.

  5. It is excellent at trapping the unwanted smells of Ammonia and the like which is super important for not only those around it but it means the hemp bedding will last you longer.

  6. Decomposes faster than pine, sawdust or wood shavings and is actually less acidic to the earth than the other bedding materials. After the bedding is used for its first purpose some report using it over their garden beds because it actually decomposes quick enough.

  7. Hemp bedding is more of a renewable resource than wood products and this is important for the longevity of our planet and our well-being as a whole.

  8. It has a higher thermal rating than most bedding. Works very well to keep animals warm in the winter and some report the hemp bedding stays dryer during storms and rainy times.

  9. On Hemp Bedding urine spots do not spread like pine or straw bedding.

  10. User’s report they enjoy the look and feel better as it breaks up nicely to cover more surface area. This is good to know because it requires less effort and aesthetically is pleasing to the eye.