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Hemp Fiber Bedding

22.0 lb

Bedding material for animals.

Local delivery (within 20mi radius); outside local area call (610)-742-8702 for shipping costs.

Top Ten Reported Reasons to Switch to Hemp Bedding:

  1. Hemp bedding outlasts most alternatives due to its incredible absorption capacity, capable of taking in four times its weight (two times more absorbent than straw, pine, or wood). This translates to substantial long-term savings, as you won't need to replace the bedding as frequently. You’ll save both the time spent swapping bedding and the effort involved in ordering more.

  2. Hemp bedding significantly reduces the generation of dust compared to alternative bedding options. This presents a clear advantage for individuals working around animals, contributing to the well-being of the animals and the people involved. Reports indicate diminished sweeping needs within barns, and the conversion to hemp bedding has also been reported to resolve respiratory problems in older horses.

  3. Hemp bedding's softer texture ensures your animals experience complete sleep cycles, a pivotal factor for their overall health, longevity, and well-being.

  4. Hemp bedding is both biodegradable and chemical-free! This aspect is essential to individuals exposed to the bedding who may be sensitive to harmful substances. By choosing hemp bedding, you support animal health and environmental sustainability.

  5. Its exceptional ability to capture and contain unwanted odors such as ammonia is not only important for the individuals working with it, but also contributes to the bedding's prolonged lifespan.

  6. Hemp bedding decomposes more rapidly than pine, sawdust, or wood shavings. Additionally, it has a lower environmental acidity compared to other bedding materials. After its primary use, some have reported repurposing it for their garden beds due to its swift decomposition rate.

  7. Hemp bedding is proven to be a more renewable resource than wood products. This holds profound significance for the continued well-being of our planet and humanity as a whole.

  8. With a superior thermal rating compared to most alternative bedding materials, hemp bedding excels in keeping animals warm during the winter months. Some accounts even mention its enhanced ability to remain dry during storms and rainy periods.

  9. Unlike pine or straw bedding, urine spots on hemp bedding do not spread.

  10. Users reportedly enjoy the appearance and texture of hemp bedding, as it breaks apart easily to cover a larger surface area. This aspect proves advantageous, as it requires less effort and contributes to an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal.