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Revive - Full Spectrum Hydrating Body Oil

7.3 oz

Formulated to enhance hydration and REVIVE your skin from harsh dryness. A successful collaboration between a Massage Therapist, Compounding Pharmacist, and our organically grown cannabinoids.


About Wellness Cannagroup

We develop unique formularies, crafted by industry experts and inspired by customer insight.


  • Driven by customer demand, a unique combination of ingredients defined by a massage therapist and a compounding pharmacist.
  • Formulated meticulously with precise terpenes. 
  • Infused with organically cultivated hemp cannabinoid oil.

NET WT 160 grams

Approved and recommended for regular daily use.

Ingredients: Jajoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabinoids, Camellia Sinensis, Seed Oil, Lavender Oil, and Clary Sage Oil

Please be aware that this product needs to be stored at room temperature.

ID #T000154957 Certificate of Analysis